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Enchanting, exciting and enigmatic, Japan is a land that stimulates the senses. From ultra-modern mega-cities to ancient wonders, snow-capped mountains to palm-fringed beaches, this is a country of incredible contrasts. And yet, all of these wonders somehow manage to blend together seamlessly, providing a stunning showcase for the rising number of international travelers who are now choosing to explore Japan. Perched on the Pacific Rim, Japan is nicknamed the “The Land of the Rising Sun” due to the spectacular morning sunrise that emerges from the eastern horizon, over the Pacific Ocean.


The magnificent “Shikotsu Lake” view, Lavender farm of Furano in summer, Snow festival of Sapporo Odori Koen in winter and more, Hokkaido has beautiful seasonal nature, so you can have good experience for every season. In Hokkaido, fresh seafood like crab and sushi is so delicious and famous, you can enjoy everywhere.


There a lot of landmarks, like “shiraito no Taki” and “Zao onsen”. “Hanagasa Matsuri” event is held in summer, it is very famous as four major events of Tohoku Area. It is the best place to ski in winter, and you can enjoy beautiful frost-covered trees. And there are some hot springs in each area.


In Tokyo, is the capital of Japan, you can enjoy various activities. The feelings of a traditional downtown, the latest trendy shopping, popular delicious foods and sweets are in here. At Ogasawara islands and Okutama, parts of Tokyo, you can also enjoy onsen and seasonal nature.


Yokohama is known as the town mixed many foreign cultures. You will enjoy different feelings from other towns. For example, China Town and Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse are classic historical buildings. It is very nice to take a walk bayside with feelings the sea breeze.


Nagoya has its own unique culture of food. “Miso Nikomi Udon”, “Tebasaki”, “Hitsumabushi” are popular as representative local foods. ‘Nagoya castle” and “Atsuta Shrine” are famous sightseeing places, those are traditional Japanese building. “Nagoya City Science Museum” and more, there are many good museums to enjoy technologies and creativity.


Osaka is the representative city in Western Japan. In Dotombori and Shin-sekai, you can enjoy Osaka typical foods, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushiage and more. There are many entertainments, for example, USJ and “Kaiyu-kan” aquarium.


Okinawa is a resort area can enjoy beautiful sea and water sports. There a lot of sightseeing areas, like “Syuri castle” and “Churaumi Aquarium”. You can also enjoy a trip to any remote island, for example, Ishigaki-island which has great nature. Okinawa has its own local culture and delicious foods, you can enjoy them only here.